Snowden cops three weeks… no charge for players placed on report!

Source: Guardian UK

Source: Guardian UK

It was hard to understand in the wake of the Panthers 32-14 loss yesterday why Kade Snowden was not placed on report by officials Adam Devcich and Ashley Klein for lifting his knees in cleaning up hit-man Adam Docker.  Well thankfully the Match Review Committee has charged Snowden and faces three weeks on the sidelines.

And to add further insult to the inferior officiating yesterday Lewi Brown’s second half hit on Robbie Rochow did not result in a charge.  Rochow was falling down when Brown went in to make the tackle.  Fair call.

Mose Masoe was charge but and will face a week’s suspension for a high tackle.  It appears the damage to Rochow in this tackle was when heads clashed.  Masoe could be considered unlucky.

As for the officials, instead of high-fiving yourselves and telling each other how good you were yesterday, start to concentrate on actually refereeing.  A poor performance by on-field and off-field officials yesterday.

Rd Player Club Charge Grade  Carry over points Early plea points Guilty plea    points
Round 19 Kade Snowden Knights Dangerous Contact – Raised Knee 2 48 225 300
Round 19 Masoe Mose Panthers High Tackle – Careless 1 40 67 90



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