North of the Border – Edition 1

Welcome to the first edition of North of the Border that will feature on


A brave small group of Panther fans went out to Allianz Stadium on Monday night to see the boys win 20-16 over the Roosters.

Again the boys gave Panther fans heart murmurs with the closeness of the scoreline. But the result didn’t surprise this writer – the Roosters now having lost four games by less than four points and on the improve as Mitchell Pearce gets ready to return to the Bondi club very soon.

Kudos to Hook for making Panthers MK2016 competitive and tough.

Great to see the future of our club cross over for four pointers in DWZ, TMM and Waqa. The pin point accuracy of Sowie both in kicking goals and general play was sublime.

We’re now on six points, two points off sixth. Probably a few clubs above us like Canberra will start to drop off and out of the eight in the next few weeks.


Sunday won’t be an easy game with a visit to Southern Cross Group Stadium (SCGS) red-hot Sharks.

I was a keen observer of our 1967 neighbours when they took on Canberra last week and smashed them accordingly.

This match will go a long way to determining where we’re at. A close result will benchmark us in the top five teams in the NRL despite the ladder position.

Canberra were poor – Cronulla simply playing their game with a pinch of Ben Barba in form that made him the games best fullback with the Doggies.

4pm on Channel 9 from the SCGS.



Quick Stats
Age: 23
Favourite movie: Rocky
Fave Meal: Chicken schnitzel

It was great to see Leilani Latu dine out on his favourite meal chicken schnitzel last night.

Leilani eleven games into his National Rugby League career and had a big impact on our win.

46 minutes, 21 runs, 221 metres and for all those who play NRL Fantasy a neat 45 points just behind Merro, DWZ and Waqa.

I can see it now – Leilani Latu becoming a cult hero in the same way the great Mose Masoe did when he was with us in 2013.

Here’s to a big career for LL.


After a strong start to the season with the spotlight on Hook as our new coach, the Panthers stories have run dry for Channel 9 sports news in Brisbane.

We hope this week brings a better fix of Panther mania. A mention of the Roosters win on tonight’s edition might be good!


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