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Membership of the QLDPanthers Pride is FREE and open to Penrith Panther fans worldwide.

In 2018 we offer:

  • NRL Tipping Competition – pit yourself against fellow members in our tipping competition
  • Non-game day events – we will hold at least two non-game day events during 2018 around the Brisbane CBD
  • Brisbane game day event – at our new home, The Paddo Tavern
  • NEW EVENT – QLDPanthers Members Day – Gold Coast Titans – to be confirmed

What we strive to achieve:

  • QLDPanthers is an inclusive supporter group which does not discriminate based on age, gender, race, sexual orientation etc.
  • QLDPanthers is family friendly
  • QLDPanthers core value is to support the side, so please be wary of bagging or criticising players or performance through our Facebook page

We have proudly supported the Penrith Panther fans since 2005.

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