A new club and new opportunity


Source: SMH

Today’s Sydney Morning Herald ran an article about one of our newest signings Chris Armit.  Armit prior to committing with the Panthers played at the Bulldogs and Parramatta.

I like this story for a couple of reasons.  The negotiation skills of Gus Gould are first class.  Armit has been looked after to cater for the needs of his young family with a good insurance policy.  It’s not a flash car, or expensive house – it’s something worth little money value but so important for where he’s at in his life right now.  And it might be just a little thing, but having the club make a jumper for his one year old son was a fantastic gesture.

I see it this way.  A happy club is a healthy club.  Okay, results may not show on the paddock straight away but planting the seeds through a positive culture will help this.

Gus certainly wanted a challenge and his passion and enthusiasm for the club already has created a positive impact.  This club cares about it’s playing and coaching roster, staff and supporters.  No longer are we a club which just goes out there and plays eighty minutes of football in the supporters eyes.

And as for Chris Armit.  If we can get good blokes like him coming to the club and trying their heart out then all we can do is get behind him and make him feel part of the big Panther family.

To read the story, go to http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league/league-news/armit-sees-greener-pastures-but-his-family-will-always-come-first-20120128-1qn0q.html

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